Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add hardware to my sling?

To install QD mounts to your sling, please follow the steps in this imgur album.

NOTE: Your sling may only ship with 1 slide on each end. This is because the slides are much bigger than those in the album. This is to accommodate the thicker webbing. Route the single slide the same way as the first in the album.

What is the rubber band in my order for?

Known in the gun world as ranger bands, these black bands are great for a variety of things from managing weapon light wires to holding your sling in a certain position on your brace/stock/handguard.

My sling is frayed at the ends. Is it defective?

No. When the nylon/polyester is cut to be turned into a sling, it is sealed simultaneously. From time to time this seal will fray during shipping and normal use. Wrap the end of the webbing with tape and cut the very end of the webbing with sharp scissors. Melt the end of the nylon webbing with a torch or lighter and press it flat against a hard surface with your lighter.

How do I route my brace strap?

To route the strap for your SB brace, please follow the steps in this imgur album: