Martingale Collars

The martingale collar was designed for animals whose necks are a similar size to their heads and/or easily slip out of their collar. A martingale collar is made in two pieces. The larger loop is slipped onto the dog’s neck and a leash can be attached to the D-ring. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop together, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck, preventing the collar from slipping off. The collar will be comfortable whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash.


Pair with a Champion dog leash to increase the safety and comfort for both you and your pet.

Refer to the chart for ordering the correct size for your dog. All webbing is 1″ wide.


(5 customer reviews)


XL – 23″-31″

LG – 18″-26″


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5 reviews for Martingale Collars

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Super simple to use and comfortable for the dog. This collar (paired with the Champion leash) makes walks with an ornery dog much more enjoyable.

  2. Jon Stone (verified owner)

    Love the pattern and design of these collars. My pup has a fat neck, and needed a collar like this to help with control. These are great because they don’t choke them, just give pressure and help you guide them.

  3. Jon Stone (verified owner)

    Got this leash to match the martingale collar I got my pup. It’s great, hardware is heavy duty, and I really like the control loop closer to the leash attachment point. Literally use this every day.

  4. Philip Greber (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and looks great!

  5. Spencer Oughton (verified owner)

    Perfect for a greyhound, since their heads and necks are so close in size. Looks and feels great, and the reflective stitching is a really nice touch. Very happy with my purchase.

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