Retro Flamingat

The coolest gat packing flamingo you’ll ever see.


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  • Does not come with attachment points
  • Approximately .078 inch or 2.02mm thick
  • 1200 lbs tensile strength
  • UV, Rot, mildew and Moisture Resistant
  • Melting Point: 482 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 100% Polyester

1 review for Retro Flamingat

  1. (verified owner)

    Do you wanna have hot broads blow cocaine up your sinuses directly from their chocolate starfishes?!? Well, of course you do and this sling sings to that aesthetic. You’re gunna need to march on down to the local sweat shop and pick yourself up one of those all white suits and a brand new vice city gat to even attach this bad boy to. But, once you do, you’ll be the talk of your own day dreams from inside that tiny cubicle you’ve been relegated to in that dead in job of yours.
    (In all seriousness, the strap is thicker than my t-rex quick adjust slings with a good finish as to not allow fraying at the edges. The buckles [thick plastic] and quick adjust [made of metal] seem quite sturdy. The finish allows for easy manipulation when adjusting the length but remains taut when not actuating the sling. This will be a nice edition to my current pcc build when I get around to purchasing the rest of my parts.)

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