SBA3 straps


Our straps will make your brace feel much more rigid. Some item images only represent the pattern of the brace strap you will receive. It will be made with your selected pattern and brace type.

  • Only Multicam and Solid Color straps come with the Splitfix by default. If you order any other pattern, you need to let us know what Splitfix piece you want. They are available in Coyote, Tan, Black, Wolf Grey, and Ranger Green


(35 customer reviews)


Our 2 piece SBA3 strap design allows hassle free installation without compromising strength. If your SBA3 is not authentic, your strap may not fit 100% correctly.


Brace strap overall length approx. 21″

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35 reviews for SBA3 straps

  1. Benjamin Loren (verified owner)

    After receiving my strap, I am using WHC for all my future sling/ strap needs. The product is SOLID and a high quality of craftsmanship is readily apparent. Not to mention, the designs are the best. Love the strap, would definitely buy again. 10/10

  2. Chad Byron (verified owner)

    Meh. Go with Lunar Concepts. The “hook and loop” of these products is more like hook and hook. The Velcro nature barely works at all. I used some electrical tape on my SBA3 to sure up the lack of support from this product. Wouldn’t buy again.

    • Brandon

      Lunar Concepts uses the same material. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Tate

    Works as advertised. No issues with it so far

  4. Brock (verified owner)

    I am not sure what the one dude was saying about the velcro, but mine is fine. I think they make a solid product! You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Jared (verified owner)

    Nice product works great.

  6. Todd (verified owner)

    Product arrived is as described. Looks great. Hook and loop works great. Fast shipping. Great deal. Pleased with the product.

  7. Shawn Wilson (verified owner)

    Looks good, feels solid.

  8. Damon Eggling (verified owner)

    Great product, thicker material than my brace came with. It is a lighter fde color than magpul but still looks good.

  9. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Great strap, good match to coyote brown. Very satisfied with my purchase! I echo the cment of not being disappointed.

  10. Spadoodie (verified owner)

    Strap works great, and most importantly looks good. Would definitely buy again!

  11. Frank Hujsa (verified owner)

    The strap feels high quality and well made. I ordered the Multicam Black strap. Shipping was also faster than expected. The reason for the three stars is that my strap actually has the word “Multicam” printed on both sides of it along with the pattern. It is not pictured this way on the website.

    • Brandon

      MultiCam Black™ is a registered trademark of MultiCam®. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  12. Badgrampa (verified owner)

    I really like how this strap with the brace fix strip stiffens up the brace. Now it feels solid when shouldered. I will be buying more for the rest of my braced “pistols”. I appreciate the personal touch from Brandon as well.

  13. Robert Williams

    The strap works very well, high quality product. Definitely will purchase again.

  14. Patrick Madrigal (verified owner)

    3rd and 4th sba3/4 replacement straps I’ve purchased. These are the first two from Warhorse to match the slings I’ve bought here. Solid quality and thicker more firm than the default straps. Love the patterns available, best selection out there.

  15. Channce Smith (verified owner)

    Such a minor but huuuge upgrade. Quick shipping and solid product. Thanks!!

  16. Justin (verified owner)

    I bought this specifically for the matching split fix. It’s ok, but I don’t feel like it was an upgrade from the standard elastic band at all. The strap itself is pretty nice but the hook Velcro is the only thing used, kind of weird. Also the Velcro material isn’t all the way to where it meets back up at end of the strap so you get an excessively large “handle” dangling off of the brace. That’s really my only beef with the strap. The split fix however.. don’t waste your money, it’s just built completely wrong imo. Buy yourself some Velcro rolls from Home Depot and make your own, no company gets this right for their “split fixes” so it’s not too unexpected.

  17. John Tejera (verified owner)

    I loved this as a upgrade to the original strap. It feels great and fits perfectly. Highly recommend.

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    Very Nice thick solid strap. I will be buying more. Support small business!
    Also I had a glitch with the purchase and support got back to me in less then 30mins on Sunday and it was fixed. Fantastic crew.

  19. Aaron (verified owner)

    Very nicely made fits great and looks good

  20. Randal Martin (verified owner)

    Installed the SBA3 replacement strap on my PSA AK-V9. The strap is well made and fit perfectly. Installation was easy. The split fix really stiffened up the brace. The replacement is certainly higher quality than that supplied by the OEM. It made a huge difference in the support of the brace. Shipping was fast. Worth the money.

  21. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great SBA3 strap. Matches my build nicely. One recommendation would be to use color matching thread. The black thread sticks out against the purple and white.

  22. Dominic

    I got the pineapple 🍍 for my micro draco Valcro is good and the strap is thick it’s made out of good material. Wish there was different options like luxury like Louis Vuitton Gucci Prada Dolce & Gabbana you get my point. I do recommend and would buy again….

  23. Josh W (verified owner)

    High quality, well made and feels very sturdy. Huge upgrade over original strap, and a stylish way to not get your dog shot by ATF.

  24. Jake theriot (verified owner)

    I ordered the multicam strap for my sba 3 and it was perfect! Awesome company to deal with! Makes it better for me that there a family mom and pop shop! Much rather spend my money here than giving my money to big businesses! Strap seems to be very durable! Thanks again I’ll definitely buy here again!!!

  25. Mike (verified owner)

    Huge upgrade over the original sba3 brace. Wish I had purchased sooner. Great product fast shipping

  26. Jon Stone (verified owner)

    This strap works perfect. Keeps my brace tightened up even without the split fix. Looks awesome with the matching sling. I’ve had no issues with the velcro on it. It’s holding just fine. Just wish I’d bought this when I started my build instead of running the Amazon-special I had.

  27. Daniel Hotchkiss (verified owner)

    Major upgrade over the stock sba3 strap. Compared to the stock strap, this one from War Horse Concepts is silky smooth to the touch, yet made from much more rugged materials. While the stock strap felt like it was already starting to wear out after the first few months, my Vietnam Tiger strap from WHC feels like it is going to last for years. I’ve already ordered a sling to match.

  28. Ryan (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 straps. I returned one of them because it was not the same color as advertised in the pic. Brandon money agreed to exchange it for the color that was advertised, but it’s been almost a month since my initial order and I’m losing hope.

    The one strap I received is good, but I suggest going with a different company to avoid the same hassle I’m currently going through.

    I will delete this review once I receive the package.

  29. Gill (verified owner)

    Excellent SBA3 straps. Thank you very much!

  30. Scott Moore (verified owner)

    Like the designer fits perfect

  31. Scott Moore (verified owner)

    Scott I like the design and if it’s perfect

  32. Travis (verified owner)

    Your strap partially inspired my 5″ 300blk build. Suppressed with a brace of course. You know, all the things the ATF loves! Who would have thought something as small as a brace strap would touch the hearts of gun slingers everywhere? My initial impressions were “WOW”!!! The material compared to the rough and scratchy cheap velcro was night and day different. The smoothness gives it a somewhat soft feel. Noticeably thicker too with the velcro edge just within the sides of the strap so it doesn’t have the felling like putting your fingers in the garbage disposal. Just fells like quality! Installed within a minute with perfect measurements. I will be purchasing the matching sling to finish off this theme and will definitely be looking for more of your products!

  33. Nate (verified owner)

    Picked up 2 SBA3 straps and paired them up with matching anodized safeties. Literally the coolest guns at the range now! Wife loves her flamingos and I like my pineapples.

  34. Trevor Swidzinski (verified owner)

    I purchased this because the lunar concepts was out of stock in black at the time I ordered it. I’m disappointed that the “split fix” is not connected to the strap, it’s a separate piece. The split fix portion on mine was about an inch too long too so the Velcro barely lined up. Lunar concepts directly stitches their “split fix” to the strap so it’s a one piece design. The Velcro is exactly like Lunars other than it’s not stitched at the end only on the sides, not really that big of deal from a functional standpoint. The strap material is a little thinner than lunar as well which is probably a good thing. I will be returning mine due to the split fix not being directly attached to the strap.

  35. Jason Richards (verified owner)

    I bought two of these and couldn’t be more happy. I’m about to buy a sling now just because I’m so happy with how great these turned out. Thanks for the great product!

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