Tan Quick Adjust

Made from A-A-55301 milspec webbing, this sling offers the benefits of a quick-adjust sling while saving weight by using ITW Nexus Ladderlocs™ and Triglides™. If you’re looking for a light sling for heavy-duty applications, this is right for you. A-A-55301 is an upgrade to previous 17337 slings. 55301 is thicker, meaning less flipping during transitions. It’s much smoother than 17337 and is easier to manipulate when using gloves. With thicker webbing, the sling won’t dig into your shoulder during periods of sustained fire. The quick-adjust also feels more positive and “locked” due to the increased tension from the thicker webbing.


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Sling attachment points (such as QDs) not included.

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2 reviews for Tan Quick Adjust

  1. Damon Eggling (verified owner)

    Lighter weight than my other sling, but will work great on my light weight ar-9. Very easy to install and the slider works well to adjust the length of the sling, will be looking to buy another

  2. Justin (verified owner)

    I like the material and weight of this, but that’s about where it ends for me. The other reviewer mentioned the good sliding of the clasp but it’s not as nice as my other slings, the handle tab also just free floats and doesn’t stick straight out. I bought this to go with the sba3 strap from here. It feels like a Chinese sling from alibaba but made out of more premium materials. I would trust running it but it’s not my fav or anywhere near the best sling that I have. For the price give it a go if not just to have another sling laying around, it’s not the worst thing in the world. I’m sticking with my defense mechanisms sling tho.

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